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    System Requirements
    Feature List
    Conventions Used in this Manual

Getting Started
    Interface Overview
    Making MIDI Connections

Working with Trigger Mappings (Pads)
    Generic Pad Overview
    Hi-Hat Pad Overview
    Creating & Editing Pads
    Saving & Loading Pad Sets (Kits)

Generic Pad Editor Window

Hi-Hat Pad Editor Window

Advanced Hi-Hat Pad Options

MIDI Utility Functions

Supplemental Notes

Pad MIDI Input and Output Summaries

Trigger Calibration (Softest/Hardest Hit Settings)

Using Volume Envelopes for Cymbal Chokes and Hi-Hat Muting

Version History

Version 1.2.1 - February 22, 2009

- Filtered polyphonic aftertouch (choke) events no longer produce superfluous note events under certain conditions.

- Pass-through polyphonic aftertouch echoing now works as intended in all cases.

Version 1.2 - July 21, 2008

- New Generic Pad input options "Uses Choke Notes" and "Choke Note" convert the specified incoming note to a polyphonic aftertouch event prior to sending it to the output filter.

- New Generic Pad output option "Choke Note" converts incoming cymbal chokes to note events.

- New Advanced Hi-Hat Pad option "Pedal CC Closed Threshold" allows hi-hat note-off muting to occur before full depression of the pedal.

- Note, CC and polytouch events that aren't filtered by a pad are now echoed to the output as-is.

- Filtered polyphonic aftertouch (choke) events are now properly sent to the Pad's specified output channel and note (and alternate note if enabled) rather than echoed as-is.

- Fixed closed hi-hat notes occasionally getting "stuck" when cross-fading was enabled.

- Fixed Copy menu item/key command not working when copying entire Pads.

Version 1.1 - February 28, 2007

- MIDI CC's that aren't filtered by a hi-hat pad are now echoed to the MIDI output on the same channel they were received. This allows a Generic Pad to be used as a hi-hat mapping for hosts that do their own open/close hi-hat morphing, or for hosts that support position sensing, etc.

- Polyphonic Aftertouch (AKA Key Pressure) events filtered by Generic Pads are now echoed to the MIDI output unless "Note-Off Chokes" is enabled. I.e. You can now leave "Note-Off Chokes" disabled for hosts that recognize and use Polyphonic Aftertouch messages as cymbal chokes.

- Pads that filter note-off messages now automatically send a note-off after 15 seconds of idle activity. This helps prevent "stuck keys" in the host application. NOTE: This does not occur if the global note off filter is enabled.

- Closing eDrum MIDI Mapper while the main window is minimized no longer causes the window to be hidden on the next launch.

- Updated application framework with reduced memory requirements and interface tweaks.

Version 1.0 - April 22, 2005

- Initial release.

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