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eDrum MIDI Mapper is a MIDI event filter that sits between your hardware trigger-to-MIDI drum module, and software sampler/rompler or host DAW. With its advanced re-mapping capabilities, eDrum MIDI Mapper helps musicians take full advantage of the detail found in multi-sample instruments, increasing playability and producing more realistic performances.

It is important to note that eDrum MIDI Mapper does not generate meaningful MIDI data on its own, nor does it produce any sounds. It simply acts as a bridge between electronic drum hardware and software samplers that may not support or properly interpret MIDI messages sent by such hardware.

System Requirements

eDrum MIDI Mapper is compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32 bit).

You will likely need at least one virtual MIDI port installed on your system to link eDrum MIDI Mapper to a software sampler/rompler or host DAW. LoopBe1 is a free and simple one port solution. Freely available multi-port solutions include Maple Virtual MIDI Cable and MIDI Yoke.

Feature List

Create mappings for any number of triggers and hi-hat pedals.
Calibrate trigger inputs to access the full dynamic range of multisampled software instruments without compromising a hardware module's threshold, crosstalk, or sensitivity settings.
Automatically alternate between right hand and left hand samples to reduce "machine gunning" artifacts.
Up to 6 programable hi-hat openness levels with optional cross-fading for smoother transitions.
Supports hi-hat foot "chic" and "splash", with velocity scaling to allow regular stick-hits to be used if genuine samples aren't available.
Note-Off style chokes for universally compatible cymbal and hi-hat muting. Chokes and mutes also work with mic bleed and ambient room samples.
Independent MIDI input and output channels for each trigger mapping allows for flexible routing to (or from) multiple sources, and eliminates the need to set up separate drum maps in the host DAW.
MIDI learn on all inputs for quick and easy setup.

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