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eDrum MIDI Mapper implements a system where a list of virtual "Pads" is built to match your physical edrum setup. There are two Pad types available: Generic and Hi-Hat.

Generic Pads

Generic Pads represent a 1 to 1 mapping to a note output from a drum module. Generic Pads are used for any monophonic trigger source such as drum, cymbal, or percussion triggers. Multi-zone trigger sources that generate separate notes for each zone (such as a snare with a rim trigger) can be mapped to multiple Pads within eDrum MIDI Mapper. Generic Pads can also be set up to handle with a separate "choke" message, such as polyphonic aftertouch or a secondary note event.

Hi-Hat Pads

Hi-Hat Pads are specialized mappings that require a trigger source as well as a pedal controller source. Although most edrum modules only support a single pedal input, you can create as many hi-hat pads within eDrum MIDI Mapper as needed. This is useful when mapping multi-zone hi-hat triggers, or for multi-module setups. For best results, use variable-type hi-hat pedals and modules that generate foot "chic" notes. Switch-type pedals and modules that lack foot notes will still work, but result in more limited functionality.

Creating & Editing Pads

Navigate to the Pads menu and select New Generic [CONTROL-N] or New Hi-Hat [CONTROL-SHIFT-N] to create a new Pad mapping. When a new Pad appears, the various columns of the list will fill with bits of useful data. The first column is a "play" button, used to send a Pad's note (and alternate note) to the active MIDI output for quick testing. The second column is the user-defined name for the Pad, and the next two columns display some of the more relevant settings for the Pad. See the Pad list MIDI Input and Output Summaries section for an explanation of the values in the last two columns.

You can rename a Pad by selecting it and choosing the
Pads»Rename [CONTROL-R] menu option, or by hitting the [RETURN] or [ENTER] key. Pads can be cleared [DELETE] / [BACKSPACE], cut [CONTROL-X], copied [CONTROL-C], pasted [CONTROL-V], or duplicated [CONTROL-D] via the Edit menu. Pads can also be arranged by clicking and dragging them to the desired spot in the list.

Double-click a Pad, or select a Pad and choose the
Pads»Edit [CONTROL-E] menu option to open a Pad Editor Window. Generic Pad and Hi-hat Pad editors differ in layout and features, however there are some common user interface elements to be aware of:

MIDI Learn Buttons
Buttons containing only an ellipsis (...) will activate a MIDI Learn function. Pressing these buttons will present a prompt and wait for some action, such as striking a trigger or depressing a pedal. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to set the associated input, or hit the Cancel button
[ESCAPE] to abort the operation..
MIDI Note Fields
Any fields that require a MIDI note value will accept a numeric value, or a full note name, such as C#3. These fields are validated before being processed, and will always convert numeric values to a note name to distinguish them from numeric-only input fields. You can validate an entry by hitting the
[RETURN] or [ENTER] key, or by clicking/tabbing out to another control. Valid note values are in the range of C0 - C8 (12 - 108) based on Middle C = C4 (60).

IMPORTANT! Some samplers/romplers or hardware modules may use ranges based on Middle C = C3 or C5, therefore it's a good idea to use numeric values when possible, or try an octave lower/higher if your mappings aren't matching up as expected.

Saving & Loading Pad Sets (Kits)

eDrum MIDI Mapper automatically saves the current Pads and Global Settings when the application is closed, however you can also Save or Load setups or Kits at any time. To save the current Kit, select
File»Save Kit... [CONTROL-S] and select a destination and filename. To load previously saved Kits, select File»Load Kit... [CONTROL-O] and select the desired Kit file. A Kit can also be opened by dragging the Kit file from the Windows Explorer and dropping it onto the Drum Pad list. In addition, dragging and dropping Kit files onto the eDrum MIDI Mapper icon will launch the application and automatically load the Kit.

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