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eDrum MIDI Mapper screenshot

eDrum MIDI Mapper is a MIDI event filter for Windows XP & Vista that sits between your hardware trigger-to-MIDI drum module(s) and software sampler or host DAW. With its advanced re-mapping capabilities, eDrum MIDI Mapper helps musicians take full advantage of the detail found in multi-sample instruments, increasing playability and producing more realistic performances.

Click here to view the full eDrum MIDI Mapper documentation online.

Please Note: eDrum MIDI Mapper licenses and support are no longer available. If you find it useful you can continue using it as-is (it has always been fully functional never-expiring shareware). To get rid of the "unregistered" message use this serial number: 4372-8035-51C6
eDrum MIDI Mapper version 1.2.1 Released February 22nd, 2009. Requires Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.

KSP Percussive is a set of open source performance scripts for Native Instruments Kontakt sampling software. These scripts were designed to enhance the realism of percussion instruments and work equally well for edrummers, keyboard players, or point & click programmers.

Percussion Legato uses an adaptive technique to blend sequential hits together based on their velocity and frequency. The result is more natural sounding cymbal swells and buzz rolls while still allowing the initial transients through in a realistic fashion.


Pitch Dynamics attempts to emulate acoustic drum dynamics where hits close to the rim produce a higher pitched tone than hits near the centre of the head. This script is mostly useful in combination with edrum hardware capable of generating "position sensing" data (e.g. for the snare drum).

KSP Percussive version 1.1 released February 17th, 2006. Requires Kontakt 2 or higher.